Developer Documentation
Developer Documentation


In the sandbox environment, we allow simulation of a number of scenarios with the following test cases.

Sandbox Endpoints

The following merchant API endpoint is available in your sandbox environment:

Test Accounts

Customer Account

In order to test out the smoothest user experience when paying with Zip, please create a test account by following the instructions below.

Purchases completed in the test environment are not processed by our production system and will only generate dummy invoices, transactions and fees.

Emails and SMS’s are also not sent out in this environment.

Use the following details to register a new account:

Begin the Sandbox Zip Customer Application

Input Pass Fail Result
Email A spurious email address - -
Mobile Number 9 to 11 digit spurious number - -
Confirmation Code 999999 - -
First Name Any - -
Middle Name Optional AB000000 Credit Failure
Last Name Any - -
DOB Any over 18 years of age - -
DL Number* DLXXXXXX e.g. KC859729 - -
DL Version* 123 003 ID Failure
Card Number 4111111111111111 5000512334750851 Card Failure
Card Holder Any - -
CVC Any - -

*NZ Only

Merchant Account

To check to see all Zip orders processed in your sandbox environment, our sandbox merchant portal is available for access.

Please contact our Integrations Team at if your login credentials have not been provided

Login to the Sandbox Zip Merchant Portal