Developer Documentation
Developer Documentation


In the sandbox environment, we allow simulation of a number of scenarios with the following test cases.

Sandbox Endpoints

The following merchant API endpoint is available in your sandbox environment:

AML / Credit Scenarios

Scenario Full Name DOB Address D/L D/L Version
Pass Credit / AML (anything) (any DOB over 18 yo) (any valid address) AB123456 111
Fail AML (anything) (any DOB over 18 yo) (any valid address) FA123456 111
Fail Credit (anything) (any DOB over 18 yo) (any valid address) AB000012 111

Payment Scenarios

To test a successful payment, you will need to use: 4111111111111111 as the card no, any (future dated expiry) and any CVV. If you want to test a failing payment, set the order amount to $87.04


We do not send out emails from the sandbox enviornment, but if you would like accounts activated (so you can login with user/pass each time) then please contact Zip tech support to enable this.

Phone Numbers / SMS

We do not send out SMS’s from the sandbox environment. In order to complete a signup process, enter and valid NZ phone number. When prompted to input the SMS verification code, use 999999