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Developer Documentation

Mobile Checkout

The Zip NZ Checkout flow can also be rendered within a Mobile Webview i.e. WKWebView for iOS and webkit/WebView for Android

This is particularly useful for displaying the checkout within a native merchant-based application.


  1. Create an order via POST Create Order endpoint (server-side)
  2. The response returns a RedirectUrl that can be provided to the mobile application (server-side)
  3. Mobile application can render the RedirectUrl in a webview to prompt the user to checkout via Zip (client-side)
  4. Mobile application inspects redirects to determine the eventual status of the order (client-side)


Below are some open-source examples on how to determine the status of the order

Simply provide your test merchant details to proceed with the example




Important Note (Security)

Calling Zip / Login APIs within a mobile app is discouraged. In reality, your app must call your own ecommerce platform Api to create the orders and provide Zip NZ checkout urls for the web view.

We completely discourage the storage of any Zip NZ credentials in a client app. We also completely discourage direct access to the Zip NZ bearer token in a client app.